"his goals are simple and light; Edo creates exclusively to make people happy"

About edo

Edo Rath is a Dutch studio, street and paper artist who returned to Holland in 2019, following a three-year journey of a lifetime through Asia, Australia, New Zealand and much of Europe.

Edo has been an artist in practice for more than a decade, although he truly found his artistic stripes while travelling the world; painting walls in more than 14 countries, absorbing inspiration from colourful cultures, street art, illustration, and the many talented artists he met along the way.

The leap of faith that led him to travel the world also served as a catalyst that propelled Edo onto his artistic path. What began as a yearning to leave colourful gifts in the countries he made home, turned into endless opportunities to paint with some of the world’s most recognised street artists, firmly cementing Edo himself as one of them.

As a self-taught artist, Edo craves knowledge and continual development to further hone his craft. This curiosity led Edo to paper art, and subsequently to digital art mediums, which he continues to expand upon today.

To describe Edo’s work is to describe your happiest memories; it is uplifting, entertaining, smile-inducing and leaves you feeling lighter for having experienced it. His attraction to clean lines and bright, happy characters that avoid strong narratives or political statement, allow viewers to make of his work whatever their imagination ignites. He transcends relatability and connects with the deep conscious in the happiest of places.

While Edo’s work is deeply involved in its methods — as it is meticulous and perfected –, his goals are simple and light; Edo creates exclusively to make people happy. His goal is to amaze and positively distract.

With work now scattering the world, a brand new studio in Amsterdam,  and a fanbase and client base growing by the day, Edo Rath has officially stepped into his style, his career and his passion. He is an artist you will want to watch.

Stephanie O’Brien
Editor in Chief